Joe Hardin

Album Drop Party

Well, I took a few weeks to focus on preparing for the album drop party and then to recover.  This was the first time I had played all the new songs in public and was, as you might imagine, a bit anxious to play them.  Chris Barrick, who is the chair of music where I work offered to play bass, and was amazing.  Kevin Jones volunteered to play drums and was also amazing.  Thanks to both these guys for the rehearsal and the gig.  Lots of folks showed up and I think the songs went over pretty well.  It's gratifying when people listen.  So, thanks to everyone who showed up and especially to Chris and Kevin for playing.  We sold a few albums, too, so that's good.  Watch the website for the next gig, cause we'll be doing this some more.



Joe, it was and always is an honor to play with you and best wishes on the album and everything else. Sincerely, One of the Sanctified Sidemen.

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